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Catana 42 catamaran

Catana Catamarans are the exception to the rule, as they specialize in semi-custom boats built with input from their future owner. In addition these are high performance cruisers. Each boat is built with carbon fiber in the inner skin and the SCRIMP resin infusion process. The sandwich construction also incorporates Twaron, a fiber that is 10 times more puncture resistant than classic fiberglass at half its density. The resulting weight savings and stiffness provided by this construction serves as the basis of Catana's excellent performance. A combination which guarantees rigidity and strength of the structures, significant weight savings and because of this fact, higher speed. The hulls are asymmetric and canted outward. The bows are “tulip shaped” to increase reserve buoyancy and reduce pitching motion and the risk of burying a hull. Lastly, they are designed with honest to God daggerboards, which allows Catana catamarans to outpoint any other cruising catamaran brand afloat.

The deck and coachroof are fabricated from a single mold and cored with Corecell closed cell foam with a molded diamond-pattern nonskid. The helms are out on the hulls, as there’s nothing like the clear sightlines you get with an outboard helming station. Aboard a higher-performance cat, an outboard steering position also allows you see the rig easily when threading your way through the windshifts while, say, sailing to windward.

This is a fast cruiser-racer with slim, lightweight asymmetrical hulls. These lightweight cruising catamarans define the term 'performance'. Daggerboards enhance hydrodynamic efficiency and a high bridgedeck clearance avoids wave slapping, and her top to bottom performance driven design aspects ensure excellent performance to windward.

Like much of the rest of the design, the interior furnishings are made using a lightweight foam core sandwich, in which multiple layers are skinned with a thin wood laminate and covered in a satin varnish. The purpose of the change included weight savings and creating a richer feel by mixing wood surfaces with white trim. The effect is modern, but not garish.
Catana 38 catamaran
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