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Affordable Cruising Catamarans

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Where my boat is!!

Marina Aerial photo

Our Marina

Raft Up Video 1

Taken with a smart phone!

Raft Up Video 2

Taken with a smart phone!

ladies sailing

The Admirals pose at our annual Kentucky Derby shindig

gator near boat

Meet "Junior" the newest addition to Marina Security... This one's a real hard nose (pun intended)

manatees near catamaran

Manatees behind Catalpa

Catamaran row

Catamaran Row

Shuttle launch from the water

Space Shuttle Launch

catamaran sailing photo


catamaran sailing photo

At Anchor

catamaran sailing photo

I think we're being followed!

catamaran sailing photo

Dolphins love sail boats

Space Shuttle ferry landing

I tried to get closer but security said that this was "Close Enough"!

Space Shuttle ferried home

If you live here, you've taken a photo just like this one.

dolphins near cruising catamaran

A passing pod of dolphins

Indian River lagoon

Indian River Lagoon

dolphin next to catamaran

She goes under the boat!

dolphins love sailing catamarans

The happy couple

Catalac 8M

Race Week 2010

Catalac 8M

Leaving the Marina 2010

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These are some photos of our "Crew". We love to invite friends and family out for an afternoon of sailing.

Crystal, my daughter

My daughter Crystal at the Helm 2007

Cindy, crew

Cindy, an apprentice sailor

a quiet catamaran sail

Any Day on the water is a good day!!

good friends sailing

A Sail boat, good friends, beer and wind!!

a new catamaran sailor

John tries his luck at the helm.... not too bad..

having fun on a catamaran

Marie, just having fun.

cruising catamaran motoring out

My daughter Crystal motoring out

she loves to drive the catamaran

Hey, she's getting pretty good at this

happy at the catamaran helm

I remember when I used to have the helm!

long day of catamaran sailing

Heading In

catamaran Bow candy

Karen at the mast

Crystal and friend

Crystal with Friend Karen at anchor

Crystal at the mainsail

Crystal at the mast

Catamaran Rafted Up with friends

Rafted Up with friends

Crystal at the mast

Crystal at the mast again

Heart breakers getting sun on a catamaran

Working on their tans

perfect sail twist

Just a bit of twist!!

Goodyear Blimp over my boat

I think he wants to race

And of course we need a space for future crew.... my grandsons

grandson Nick


Grandson Sam, daughter Alicia

Daughter Alicia and Sam

Grandson Will


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