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Catamaran For Sale -- Catalac 900 (Spain)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Asking: £35,000 (GBP)
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S/V Minuet is a Tarragona, Spain based 1995 Catalac 900 for sale by her owner

British Flagged and VAT Paid

This Catalac 900 is the pilothouse version of the Catalac 9M. The Catalac 900 is a warm, dry and comfortable vessel when inclement weather arrives. This is a dramatic difference from the 8M and 9M’s with their helms exposed to the weather in the cockpits. The 900 series has skegs in front of the rudders, twin diesels and sail drives. This allows for some impressive maneuvers in the marinas. With a little bit of practice you can turn them around 360 degrees either direction within their own length.

This is one of just two of the Catalac 900’s which were built with a second helm station in the cockpit. Something all 900 owners wish they had when operating in the dark or when docking.

These Catalacs are built like battleships! You can beach them, run them on the rocks, even run them aground on concrete ramps an you won’t damage them! They are safe and stable, and built for sailing in the North seas. The rougher it is, the more you appreciate the flat sailing, and smooth rocking motion of these well built family station wagons of the sea. This is a good family sized catamaran with an excellent pedigree. at an amazing price. Click for details.

Catamaran for sale -- Catalac 10M (USA)

Catamaran sailboats for sale

Sailing Catamarans for sale

Asking: $93,000 (USD)

S/V Madonna Rose is a Florida based 1987 Catalac 10M Catamaran for sale by her owner

S/V Madonna Rose is a 1987 Catalac 10M Catamaran for sale by owner built by Tom Lack at the Quay, Christchurch, Dorset, England. Catalac's are recognized as well built, strong boats designed to handle the roughest seas. Catalac 10Ms are one of the best couple or small family live-aboard cruisers ever designed. These rare boats are really are good at providing a safe and comfortable home on the water for extended periods and do so with low maintenance and operating costs.

The Catalac 10M features two large forward cabins, one head and a small rear cabin that almost all boat owners have converted into a galley extension. This solid boat is powered by twin Volvo diesel engines coupled to sail drives.

She has a very popular layout, and sailing this boat long distances single handed, won't be an ordeal. Their helm lets you control the boat from what basically feels like your living room. The hydraulic steering system makes steering effortless. The accommodations aboard a Catalac 10M rival a 45' monohull, and in many ways surpass it. The salon is in the central portion of bridge deck and provides a 360 degree view of your surroundings and is nearly twice the size of a Gemini Catamaran while featuring 6 foot 1 inch headroom in most of it. The Salon table seats 6-8 people. An additional feature is that the salon side windows have two 'open' positions. One is about half way, and then the windows can be removed completely and replaced by screens for as good a ventilation as is possible. Perfect for tropical climates.

These boats are a rare find in the marketplace, they have a popular layout, and sell very quickly when they appear on the market. click for details.

Catamaran For Sale -- Prout Quest 31 (Mexico)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Asking: $48,500 (USD)

S/V "Flat Foot Floogie" is a Mexico based Prout Quest 31 catamaran for sale by owner

The Prout Quest 31 is a good sailing boat, with a pedigree few boats can match. These boats have a very comfortable motion in most conditions, even when going to windward and yes she does sail to windward. The Prout brothers reckoned that the Prout Quest 31 was the best cat they ever made.

With 6 ft 2 inch headroom in both hulls, and 5 ft 10 inch headroom in saloon cabin, this boat makes the perfect live aboard. The Prout Quest 31 is a family sized blue water cruiser that will do what Prouts do best. It will take you anywhere in the world safely. Due to her 14 ft 4 inch beam, and with her 2 ft 6 inch draft she will take you to secluded spots where other boats can't go. It is comfortable and easy to handle, will fit in almost any berth due to its beam.

A proven ocean going catamaran with an enviable reputation. This is a perfect liveaboard boat which is ideal for a couple. Click for boat details.

Recent Additions/Modifications:

  • Hydrovane Self Steering Wind Vane VXA2D w/ XT Vane: Sept 2016 ($6,900)
  • Portland Pudgy Tender/Emergency Life Raft w/ Sailing Option: June 2016 ($4,500)
  • Airhead Composting Toilet: Aug 2016 ($1,100)
  • Jordan Series Drogue: Dec 2016 ($1,700)
  • New Coach Roof Rails: Jan 2017 ($1,200)
  • Bottom Paint & Zincs: Jan 2017 ($1,700)
  • New Engine Head: Jan 2017 ($4,200)

Catamaran For Sale -- PDQ 32 Altair Classic (Carib)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Asking: $91,000 (USD)

S/V Forever is a Caribbean based 2000 PDQ 32 Altair catamaran for sale by owner

The PDQ 32 is one of the most sought after small cruising catamarans which rarely appear on the market. The design of the PDQ 32 achieves a lot for a small catamaran as they offer dual queen size berths in aft cabins in (a very smooth position) and a good size salon in their 32 foot LOA.

The construction of these boats is excellent as they were built with pride, are very solid, yet expert use of materials and construction techniques keeps the hull weight low. This boat was constructed using Vacuum-bagged composite construction with Vinylester resin skin over hand-laid tri-axial knit fiberglass fabric with high-tensile marine resin and Core-Cell foam core. Her hulls are solid below the waterline Low aspect fin keels have sacrificial sections to deflect much of an impact away from the main structure of the boat Micron 66 antifouling paint applied to hull Oct 2016.

The center cockpit is deep and well protected with a hardtop bimini. There are watertight compartments built into the hulls fore and aft. Not only are they well built, they perform like a much larger boat. The easily driven hulls of the PDQ 32 as well as their modest displacement and the retractable four-stroke outboards deployed from pods beneath cockpit lockers, result in 6.5 knot cruising speeds.

PDQs have a self-tacking jib, which makes tacking a breeze (pun intended). PDQ catamarans are valued as excellent all-round cruising boats. The boats are well engineered, solidly built and purpose-designed for serious family cruising with safety in mind as all of the through-hulls are in a bulkheaded compartment, so a broken fitting is not a problem. All in all a very desirable pocket cruising catamaran which is loaded with all the right equipment. Click for boat details.

Catamaran For Sale -- Dean 365 (Mexico)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Price Reduced!! $99,500 (USD)
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S/V Rainbow Gypsy is a Mexican based 1992 Dean 365 catamaran for sale by owner.

Reminiscent of the world renown Prout Snowgoose Elite, this Dean 365 Catamaran offers a lot of space, catamaran style comfort / stability, and the main mast position facilitates ease of sail handling. She has a large airy saloon with panoramic view from all seating positions. The Dean 365 features four double cabins with masses of cupboards and storage space. Spacious stern area and forward deck for sunbathing.

The door from cockpit into the salon is an ingenious combination, with a solid hatchboard that slides into the lower part and a stable concertina above. The cockpit and salon are on almost the same level, making entry and exit from the interior very easy. The roomy salon takes up the upper level of the interior of the boat. It has panoramic windows and portlights which make it light and airy and give good visibility from below. A fold- down table in the salon, allows for a large entertainment or work area.

To port you step down to the galley which has counters on both sides, a large refrigerator, microwave, oven and pressurized water as well as seawater pump. There is a plentiful storage below the counters. And it is open to the salon, so the cook is not cut off from the guests. In the starboard hull is the spacious Nav Station at the base of the steps and the head forward of it. The head has a small sitz bath as well as head and basin. The sleeping accommodation is found in two large double cabins forward and two smaller single cabins aft . All cabins are very comfortable and have cupboards, counters and lots of storage space.

This is a lot of boat for a most reasonable price. Click for details.

Catamaran For Sale -- Wildcat 350 MK III (Mexico)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Asking $98,000 (USD)
Wildcat 350 Catamaran for sale by Owner, Wildcat 350 catamaran for sale by owner, cruising catamaran for sale

S/V Suvuka is a Mexican based 2002 Wildcat 350 catamaran for sale by owner.

This Wildcat 350 catamaran for sale was designed for easy, fast, comfortable sailing. Quality South African workmanship is evident in this sturdy "Big" litte cat built by Charter Cats SA. With "U" shaped seating and a friendly galley up design. The boat's wide beam of 21 feet makes it feel much larger than its 35-foot length.

She will sail at 8 to 10 knots to windward and 10 to 13 knots off the wind yet at 10.5 meters long (35ft) and almost 7 meters wide (22ft) this catamaran for sale by owner has a huge area of stable deck space to relax and enjoy the sights from. That's almost 800 square feet of deck space: relax in the nets or lounge on the deck whilst she sails without heeling over.

This boat has been partially refit and is priced for a fast sale. Click for details.

Catamaran For Sale -- Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 (USA)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Price Reduced!! $189,000 (USD)
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S/V Sail la Vie is a Florida based 2007 Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 For Sale by owner

S/V Sail la Vie is a Florida based 2007 Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 offered for sale by her owner. With her open-plan / sheltered cockpit and saloon and her raised helm station, this boat offers great comfort both sailing and at anchor while at the same time offering excellent performance. The Mahé 36 allows you to move around freely onboard, enjoying comfort when navigating (at the helm, in the cockpit or down below) or while moored. Everything has been thought out so that you can move about on this 36 ft yacht without anything getting in the way.

Sail la vie presents an opportunity to own one of the finest sailing catamarans manufactured today. This rare Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 was built in France and shipped to the Caribbean French isles in late 2007, this vessel has been meticulously maintained by her owner since delivery.

An extensive list of options, features and excellent condition make this boat a must see if you are in the market for a cruising catamaran in this class. This never chartered boat has sailed countless voyages ranging from Key West to the Bahamas. Three separate staterooms make traveling with family and friends a joy and the spacious salon seems more like a home than a boat, click for the details.

Catamaran For Sale -- Solaris Sunrise 36 (USA)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Asking: $69,000 (USD)
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S/V Sunrise is a Texas based 1989 Solaris Sunrise Catamaran for sale by owner

The Solaris Sunrise 36 contains many of the features normally found on much larger catamarans but this one is at a bargain price point!!. She has the well proven Prout style cutter rig with the step backed mast, large overlapping genoa and staysail. The genoa is easily reefed and controlled from the cockpit.

The Sunrise, with her shallow draft can moor or anchor where other yachts can not. Her keels are protected at all times by her replaceable keel shoes.

The large galley to starboard is eight feet long and has two large sinks and fridge inboard, with an oven/grill and 2 burner stove. There is plenty of worktop and storage space. Her 2 queen sized aft berths and two single berths forward provide a lot of berths for her size. Headroom is 7 feet in the hulls!! 6’ 2 inches in the salon.

Owner bought her to cruise, but life got in the way. Click for the details.

Catamaran For Sale -- Catalac 9M (USA)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Asking: $55,000 (USD)
Catalac 9M for sale by owner, Catalac 9M catamaran, Catalac 9M Cruising Catamaran for sale by owner

S/V "Banana Boat" is a 1982 Florida based Catalac 9M Catamaran for sale by owner

The Catalac 9M is an affordable and spacious catamaran for sale by her owner and she is probably the only Catalac 9M for sale on the US east coast, The Catalac 9M is not only fun to sail, they are probably the safest cruising catamarans afloat. Catalacs with over 600 boats built, have never had a catamaran capsize.

This boat is an excellent coastal cruiser and at her best when gunk holing. She has excellent sea handling qualities and is a very solid/stable boat underway. Additionally, with the draft of a little over two feet and the ability to clear bridges as low as 8 feet with the mast down, there are not many places this boat cannot go

A great entry level catamaran, in terrifc shape, in need of a new owner.

Catamaran For Sale -- Tennant Shilo (Europe)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Cat For Sale

Price Reduced!! €24,500 (EUR)
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Tennant Shilo catamaran located in Huizen, The Netherlands, is for sale by owner

9,5 meter Tennant Shilo catamaran is a stable and fast catamaran. These boats have a solid foredeck as in the style of older English catamarans and are mated with an efficient rig and centerboards of higher performance open bridgedeck designs. The result is a boat with a lot of comfort but still with respectable performance under sail.

Handling is easy. The headsail can be roller-furled and the fully battened main uses a single line reefing system to allow simultaneous reefing of the tack and clew. Lazy jacks keep the sail securely on the boom when reefed or lowered. Only sitting headroom is available in the bridgedeck cabin. More headroom in a catamaran of this length would compromise underwing clearance and increase windage.

Catamaran For Sale - Antigua 37 (Caribbean)

Catamaran For Sale

Sailing Catamaran for sale

Price Reduced!! $104,000 (USD)
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Fountaine Pajot Antigua 37 Catamaran For Sale in The Dominican Republic by her owner

The FP Antigua 37 is a classic multihull design appreciated by sailors around the world. Her basic design maximizes sailing performance and seaworthiness. The carefully thought out design makes this cat very easy to manoeuvre , moor and anchor. With four double cabins and two heads, this cat is extremely popular with larger groups. Each cabin has a large double berth and has access to two spacious heads and showers located port and starboard.Her powerful rig makes her a blast to sail and as you would expect she has acres of deck space.

Now, with a 100% done check list including a 2014 Undersigned Surveyor report that exceeds the market price, this Antigua 37 FP is a low cost blue-open water safe unsinkable multihull. S/V Cat’s Pause is ready to go again. She's awaiting her new Capain at anchor in a Caribbean paradise in the Dominican Republic. Also worth noting that it may be possible for this boat to be delivery anywhere in the Caribbean , Bahamas or East US coast.

catamaran sale listings, Cruising catamaran for sale by owner, sailing catamarans for sale, multihulls for sale

Catamaran SOLD!! -- Catalac 8M (UK)

Catamaran SOLD!!

Sailing Cat SOLD!!

Asking: £21,500 (GBP)
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S/V "Haptic Duo" is a Cornwall, UK based 1978 Catalac 8M catamaran IS SOLD!!

S/V "Haptic Duo" is a 1978 Catalac 8M catamaran for sale by owner. The Catalac 8M is an exceptional, sought after, pocket cruising catamaran, which is considered one of the best production boats ever. British built to Lloyd’s standard, these boats are an excellent value today.

As a small pocket cruiser, these boats are ideal for a couple or family with 2 - 3 children, thanks to the great and safe playground in the cockpit and the uncluttered decks. This catamaran for sale by owner is fitted with a single diesel engine fitted to a Sonic Drive Leg. The Sonic drive leg is coupled to the twin rudders making this boat very manoeuvrable. This same technology makes it very easy to beach with hydraulic lift on Sonic Drive leg and twin lifting rudders.

Catalac 8M's are a pleasure to sail and are comfortable in all types of weather, which is unique in a truly affordable cat. The accommodation is spacious and bright with lots of stowage space, and with a FULL SIZED forward berth and a King sized berth using the salon convertible. She has lots of comfort in small footprint.

Standing headroom in hulls, sitting headroom on bridgedeck. Click for details.

Catamaran SOLD!! -- Endeavour 30 (USA)

Catamaran SOLD!!

Sailing Catamarans SOLD!!

Asking: $44,900 (USD)

S/V Vesta is a Florida based 1992 Endeavour 30 Catamaran SOLD!!

Very Well Kept, Mechanicaly Purrfect Endeavour Cat 30 Catamaran for sale by owner. Very well loved Boat sails very nicely, handles great and is a blast to cruise live aboard or take trips on. Spacious Salon, Massive Galley, Huge Head with seperate two person shower with a built in seat. Twin Queen births with full hanging closest and plentiful storage space.
Hull, deck and structural bulkheads manufactured of biaxial fiberglass with isophathalic, vinylester resins, and NidaCore (polypropelene honeycomb) core, which was vacuum bagged for stiffness, strength, and light weight. Full interior fiberglass grid for strength and rigidity. Full fiberglass headliner.
The Endeavour 30 has more living space than any other 30' boat on the market. This boat makes a very comfortable and cost efficient live aboard or long distance cruiser. Her 14.5' beam will allow this boat to fit into most regular slips and be hauled out almost anywhere. Larger cats must find a T-head dock and have trouble finding haul out marinas in many places.

S/V Vesta is Outboard powered, which is easy to maintain, service and replace. The Outboard engine lifts completly clear of water by hydraulic lift. No engine drag at all when sailing. Engine is above the rudders so does not have to be up for shallow water use or beaching. She will sit upright when the tide goes out on a level bottom for cleaning and inspection.

Click for boat details.

Catamaran SOLD!! -- Americat 30 (USA)

Catamaran SOLD!!

Sailing Cat SOLD!!

Price Reduced!!! $32,000 (USD)

S/V "Wind Trails" is a 1992 Florida based Americat 3014 SOLD!!

The Americat catamaran is proven design, designed by Rob Ladd and later owned by Bill Symons. She is a Cat rigged boat which is very easy to single hand.

As you step through the very broad companionway, the large cockpit merges with the main salon. The dinette is "up" and offers wraparound seating. Down and to port is the galley. Aft to port is the queen berth stateroom. To starboard and forward is the head and separate shower. Aft and to starboard is the other queen berth stateroom. Click on the boat details link to see her Layout.

This catamaran has an excellent layout merging the cabin with the cockpit with broad companionway doors. Overhead hatches in each stateroom, as well as a head with a separate shower! Tons of features packed into her 30 foot length. These are perfect coastal cruisers as they are spacious pocket cruising catamarans and a lot of catamaran for the money.
catamaran sale listings, Cruising catamaran for sale by owner, sailing catamarans for sale, multihulls for sale

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