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Basic Package

  • First 3 months: $89
  • Next 3 months: $89 (This is the last payment you make)
  • Upon Renewal Payment, your catamaran goes back to the top of the list
  • If your catamaran has not sold by then, your advertisement runs free of charge until it does. That’s pretty straight forward, right?
  • Mailing List Blast, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing.

Premium Add On

  • Every 3 months: +$40 (added to basic package rate)
  • Homepage Featured Listing Placement
  • Listing Enhancement (25% more clicks)
  • Expert Custom Pricing Analysis

Top Reasons to List on

  1. We are singularly focused on catamarans: We are a boutique catamaran listing service. Other boat marketplaces sell any and every type of boat. The buyers on those boat marketplace sites are mostly not catamaran buyers. You will sell your catamaran the fastest on CatamaranSite at the highest price.
  2. We are more than just a website: There is a team behind the screen that are experts in selling catamarans and will help sell yours. We review your listing, give suggested edits to ensure your listing is comprehensive for the searching buyers to have confidence in your catamaran. We also ensure you have the right number of quality photos (25-40). There are no limits on the number of photos. We encourage you to embed multiple videos in your listing.
  3. Search engine optimization: We show up first on all search engines when searching for “catamaran for sale by owner” as well as in the top positions for specific catamaran makes and models including Lagoon, Leopard, and Fountaine Pajot. Also we are a top result for location specific searches everywhere from Australia to Florida.
  4. Website activity and mailing list: We have 10,000+ visitors per month visiting our site searching for the right catamaran to buy. Once your listing is complete, we notify our email list of thousands of catamaran buyers which creates a flurry of inquiries from day 1. We have buyers waiting for your catamaran!
  5. International listing exposure: We attract buyers across the globe from Europe, South Africa, Asia, South and Central America, North America and the Caribbean. We get visitors every month from over 150 countries. We have sold catamarans worldwide from the Canary Islands to Tahiti.
  6. Social media advertising: We advertise your catamaran on catamaran specific Facebook groups as well as drive traffic from our YouTube channel. Thousands of catamaran buyers utilize our channel to learn about a wide variety of topics from reviews, interviews with designers and practical topics such as how to sail or insurance rates.
  7. Full support services, like a brokerage, without the large commission: We are your one stop shop for selling your catamaran quickly while minimizing your time spent on closing details. Our contracts, escrow and closing team has the full set of tools to make your catamaran transaction go smoothly from contract to close at the guaranteed best price.
  8. Pricing expertise: Price is one of the main determining factors in how quickly you sell your catamaran. When listing with us, you will have access to historical sold data specific to your catamaran model as well as trending market data. We give you the necessary tools to ensure your price is competitive, but the decision lies solely with you on what price you want to list at.
  9. Premium service: If you want to feature your catamaran on our home page as well as more prominently throughout the site, the premium add on is the best option for you. This option creates increased visibility leading to more views of your catamaran, accelerating the time to sell. We also include an optional expert custom pricing analysis to help you select the right price to sell.
  10. Overall value: When considering the full service that CatamaranSite offers: niche audience of catamaran buyers, expertise, price and continuum of service, we are hands down the best option for selling your catamaran.

We are the most effective catamaran listing and advertising site on the internet!

Feedback from owners who list their catamarans with us is very positive. They all say they receive more inquiries from us than any other internet source and in fact many catamarans sell every month as a result of advertising right here. Hear from some of them below.

“I listed my 1983 Catalac 12M with this site early May 2023. Within the first week I had three people contact me and two offers. This would not have happened without the tireless help of Richard and his team. He showed me how to load pictures and video, helped with the layout of the add and provided feedback on how the add was running. It is the 25 May 23, and the boat has already been sold. The result and quick sale is beyond my expectations. – Howard”

May 2023

“Thanks Richard, the offer was received just 4 days after the advertisement hit the web, amazing. The buyers are using the Catamarinesite for escrow and closing support. – Tom”

May 2023

“Wow! It was intense, but just 7 days after the ad went live we reached an agreement to sell our catamaran. Although we had people fly in from Milan to see the boat, we are selling it to someone who lives about 20 miles from here. We hand over the boat on Sunday.

Very satisfied with the response, very happy with the personal service from you. -Alan”

March 2023

“Dear Rick, I was recommended to use your site by a friend, I had no idea how successful it would be. I had at least twenty enquiries in the first two days. The first enquiry was successful. Immediate deposit. Inspection, sea trial and money in the bank within ten days. I will not hesitate in recommending your website to fellow Catamaran owners. Great service. Best regards Peter.”

June 2022

I would like to say that I have been very impressed with CatamaranSite. The boat was previously in the hand of brokers (“Mulyihull World”) who, in over a year, gave us no useful leads. Yet with Catamaransite, we had over twenty enquiries (and a sale) within a very short time. Many thanks, Trevor”

November 2021

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The basic package includes a blast out on our mailing list, placement in the search results, social media marketing.
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