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Alicia is a French and English speaker marketing expert who dreams of sailing off on a catamaran with her family some day.

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Interview with Cyrille Corlay of Garcia Yachts

Alicia interviews Cyrille Corlay about Garcia’s aluminum catamaran designs and more. He talks about the Explocat52 and why it was developed, how is differs from Outremer designs, and how it compares to monohull Garcias. You can learn more and get in contact with Cyrille at: I hope that French subscribers will enjoy the video, and that English speakers enjoy the translated transcript below. Hello everyone, welcome back to this new episode of the CatamaranSite podcast. I am delighted to be your host for the first French episode of the podcast. I’m Alicia and joining us today is Cyrille Corlay, Vice President of Development of the shipyard Garcia Yachts. Hello Cyrille, how are you? Hello Alicia, I’m really well thank you. Super! I’m delighted to be talking with you today. So, our objective is to present the shipyard Garcia Yachts and, of course, their most recent catamaran, the Explocat52. Garcia Yachts […]

How to Become a Sailing Influencer with Erin of Roam Generation PR

Alicia interviews Erin of Roam Generation PR about becoming a sailing influencer. Listen to hear the key skills required and how long and hard the journey is to become the next SV Delos. Erin sailed with her family and that is how she started her PR business, so she has first hand knowledge of the path to start a business while sailing. Her client list is amazing including Delos, Ruby Rose, and many other super famous stars. We really enjoyed making and listening to this interview and hope you will too. Find out more or get in contact with Erin on her website (www.RoamGeneration.com ). Transcript Hello, and welcome back to CatamaranSite. Today, we’re joined by Erin Carey, founder and director of Roam Generation PR, a PR agency dedicated to travel, leisure, and luxury brands. Our objective today is to take a dive into the sailing influencer world, one that […]