Broadblue 38 Prestige Interview “Into the Blue Crew”

We did an interview with Ocean of “Into the Blue Crew” about his Broadblue 38 Prestige. His family is setting out on a journey after 10 years preparing! Please scroll down below for a recording of the interview with Diane as well as a written transcription of the interview with photos. We highly recommend you follow Into the Blue Crew on their social media below for their interesting adventuring ahead. I’m here with Ocean Reid for [CatamaranSite], and we’re talking about his Broadblue 38 that he sails with his family. Ocean, can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and your family, and your boat? We are a UK family from England, sailing a cat, a BB (Broadblue) 38, expanding our journey. We’ve done 10 years, living in a tidal estuary of the south coast of England, and it’s been really nice. Our babies were born there, and now […]

Broadblue 38 Review and Owner Interview – “WorldTowning”

We talked with Will and Jessica of WorldTowning who bought their Broadblue 38 Prestige called S/V Friendship via’s for sale by owner listings. They bought her in France in September 2020 and are fairly new to cruising, but they already have some strong opinions about what life is like on their catamaran. We moved from a 21 foot RV. This is a palace! Will and Jessica on life aboard a 38 foot sailboat as family of four. They have great enthusiasm for travelling and share their adventures across their website, and number social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. You can become a Patreon for special access to their adventures. Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and about your boat? We have been traveling full-time since 2014, and we have now become newly indoctrinated into the cruising lifestyle. For the first six years,we were […]

Broadblue Builder Interview with Mark Robert Jarvis

This interview is with Mark Jarvis, the owner of Broadblue catamarans out of the UK. He gives insight into how Covid-19 as well as Brexit is affecting Broadblue, myth busts Broadblue’s connection to Prout, and tells us about their new 12 meter model. For more information and to directly from the owner-builder, please go to their website, Tell us about yourself and how you got involved in Broadblue. My background is manufacturing. I’ve worked in aerospace, and the automotive industry. The last real job I had was running a division of a design consultancy designing cars particularly engines and transmissions for most of the world’s motor manufacturers. I had a brief excursion into mobile telephone businesses in the UK, and then a friend of mine was operating a multi-held business here in Emsworth. He invited me to come along through that process. We got involved with the then owners […]