Catana 40S (South Pacific)

Asking: $185,000 (USD)
S/V Catana 40S is a Uturoa, PF based 1992 Catana 40S Catamaran For Sale By Broker
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When I was a wee lad of sixteen, I landed as an exchange student in Bairnsdale, Australia. It turned out that Bairnsdale was the home of Lock Crowther – a pioneering designer in the multihull renaissance that was soon to sweep the world. The locals at the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club were aghast about these new-fangled catamarans that were winning all of the races. I kept quiet (as I was a guest aboard a stately monohull), but I was bitten by the multihull bug the moment I saw a Crowther cat glide effortlessly by.…