Condor 40 (Florida)

Asking: $99,999 (USD)
Aiki is a Fort Pierce, Florida based 1987 Condor 40 Trimaran Catamaran For Sale By Broker
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Used trimaran for sale. Racing/cruising trimaran. Pre-owned trimaran. Condor 40 trimaran. Located in Fort Pierce, FL. All new equipment and systems. Vessel is currently being used as a 6 pack charter vessel. 

The most beautiful boats to ever sail the seven seas, and the fastest production sailboat ever, with a top speed of 45+ mph (ordinary sailboat’s top speed: 8 mph), the futuristic trimarans were designed by Condor Limited co-founders Phil Herting and Mick Price, and built in Annapolis from 1985 to 1991. 

A Ferrari on the water, like something out of Star Wars, turning heads wherever they go, Condor 40’s are 40 ft.…