Catamaran For Sale -- Gemini 3200 Power (USA)

Asking: $58,500 (USD)
M/V BloMeeknot is a Demopolis, AL based 1990 Gemini 3200 Catamaran For Sale By Owner
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The S/V BloMeeknot is a 1990 Gemini 3200 catamaran. This Gemini is unique in that she has had her mast removed and two outboards installed to make it one of the sweetest Power Cats around. These cruising catamarans were built by Performance Cruising Inc., in Annapolis Maryland by the well known British Catamaran Maven, Tony Smith.

Construction of the Gemini 3200 is conventional, with a solid lay-up of fiberglass mat, woven roving and polyester resin used for the hull. The decks are cored with end grain balsa for stiffness.

The Gemini 3200 is highly sought after for it’s comfort, stability, amenities, 18″ minimum draft and easily maintainable systems. The 3200 is different in the Gemini lineup as she uses outboard engines, transom hung kick up rudders, and the same interior volume and layout as the more recent Gemini 105s. Click on the link above for boat details.

Gemini 3200 Owner Review and Interview S/V Epiphany Hull # 316

Today we have Joseph of S/V Epiphany – a Gemini 3200. He refitted his 3200 from the ground up. He did a massive amount of work to spend a lot of money, and he is a great guy to tell us all about the model. He goes through all the issues he has had and gives invaluable advice to people considering buying a classic Gemini. Sailing performance, common issues, and maneuverability are all covered. Please see below for the video of our interview, refit photos, and a transcript of the Q&A. Key Takeaways and Tips on 3200 Total including purchase price of $55,000 into boat Renovated interior including painting, trim work, electrical, plumbing, and new windows. Renovated exterior including paint, centerboards, rigging. Previous owner was excellent resource while surveyors need to be carefully selected and monitored. Center boards are designed by Tony Smith so that if they hit an object […]