Catamaran For Sale -- Leopard 38 (Asia)

Asking: $265,000 (USD)
S/V Kalou is a Penang, Malaysia based 2010 Leopard 38 Catamaran For Sale by Owner
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S/V Kalou is a Malaysia based 2010 Leopard 38 Catamaran for Sale by Owner. The Leopard 38, built with robust South African Standards, received glowing reviews in major sailing magazines as well as winning both the Cruising World and Sailing Magazine “Best Boat Award”. These are sought after boats with a stellar reputation.

The Alex Simonis design is both beautiful and fast and has cherry-finished interior which is attractive without excess garnish. The Cabins provide practical shelving, hanging lockers, seats, and good lighting and ventilation through fixed ports, opening ports, and hatches.

The boat has 4 cabins and 2 heads and the galley is up in the saloon. The deck layout is clear and the boat has unimpeded access to the water via a wide aft bathing platform. Click on the link above for boat details.

Leopard 38 Review and Common Problems

Leopard didn’t start small, but rather, began their sailing catamaran line-up with a 45-foot catamaran in 1997 before moving to the Leopard 38 in 1998. All total, they built 124 Leopard 38s. The Leopard 38 (also branded as the Sunsail 384), was designed by Morrelli & Melvin, who have designed some of the fastest multihulls to glide across an ocean. No stranger to design awards, M&M’s Leopard 38 designs won the Cruising World 2010 Boat of the Year in two categories:  Best Multihull Cruiser of the Year, and  Best Import Boat of the Year That same year, they won SAIL Magazine’s 2010 Best Boat” in the Cruising Multihull Category. So, what features make these vessels so desirable? Let’s check it out. Features Though designed by individuals with a fetish for performance, the Leopard 38 falls closer to the comfort side of the spectrum. However, she will sail better than some of her […]