Catamaran For Sale -- Prout Snowgoose Elite 37 (New Zealand)

Asking: $115,000 (USD)
SV Villa Veritas is a Opua, New Zealand based 1993 Prout 37 Snowgoose Elite Catamaran For Sale by Owner
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S/V Villa Veritas is a 1993 Prout Snowgoose Elite 37 catamaran for sale by owner. The Snowgoose line is well known to be rugged, reliable, and blue-water capable. Don’t take my word for it; Google it, and you’ll find dozens of reviews. They will differ in detail, but all agree that it’s an excellent boat, and there’s nothing quite like it in the price range.

So having decided that you want a Snowgoose, why pick this one? The answer: because she’s in great shape and thoughtfully fitted out, by owners who know what they’re doing. We have taken her on long off-shore passages, and retrofitted nearly every system on board, so we can say with confidence that she is in great shape to keep traveling the world. We love her dearly, but our “two-year” plan is drifting towards five, and it’s time for us to pass her on. Please click on the link for more details and many photos.

Catamaran For Sale -- Prout Manta 38 (USA)

Asking: $80,000 (USD)
S/V Sunray is a Solomons, MD based 1997 Prout Manta 38 Catamaran For Sale by Owner

S/V Sunray is a 1997 Prout Manta 38 catamaran for sale by owner.  She is on the hard in Solomons, Maryland.  This model is built like a tank with built in flotation fore and aft.  She has new bottom paint and is ready to sail into the horizon.

This Prout Manta version was built in Richards Bay, South Africa and is basically the same catamaran as the 39 ft Escale model also from Prout.  The Manta at 38 ft has a slightly shorter “sugar scoop” than the Escale model.

S/V Sunray is a roomy and comfortable yacht designed and built for serious cursing and is about as good-looking cruising cat as you will find. Please click on the link for the equipment list and many photos.

Prout 33 Quest Review with Michael Briant of Sailing Gently

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Meet Dev & Caro of Sailing Kallisto who own a sexy orange Snowgoose 37 Elite! In this video River interviews them about their buying experience and adventures so far sailing. Follow along their story by subscribing to their YouTube channel. They also post on Instagram. Note: The Snowgoose 37 Elite is an evolution of the Snowgoose 37. The hull was redesigned, and Prout increased the beam 1 foot as well as 2 inches deeper draft, 5 inches taller mast, and a few kilograms heavier displacement. The Elite was built from 1986 to 2002 while the 37 Snowgoose regular version was built from 1978 to 1986. The two design are very similar and share the same layout configurations and engine arrangements, but the Elite is just a little bit bigger. Video Transcript Can you tell us a bit about yourself and Kallisto? I am 29. Myself and partner Caroline decided 3 […]

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We interviewed Carl Michael who owns a Prout 35 Snowgoose which he bought from our for sale by owner listings. He kindly answered our questions about the Prout 35 after his Solo Atlantic Crossing in 2020 which is available to see on his YouTube channel. Please subscribe to his channel to follow for more awesome adventures. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the boat? I’m a 30 something adventure motorcyclist turned sailor. Having returned from a 6 month motorcycling tour of South America, I was looking for my next adventure. Whilst cycling in France, I saw a number of boats cruising slowly along the Loire with their mast unstepped and drink in their hand and seemingly without a care in the world. Having been wild camping in the high altitude of the Bolivian Altiplano, the humidity of the rainforrest, and the harshness of Patagonia, a boat looked […]

Prout 39 Escale Review

The Prout 39’ Escale was built in Essex, United Kingdom in 1991. Finding one of these cats is a rarity, since it’s to be believed that only a mere 200 some are left sailing the seas; a cruising class gem, designed by two brothers, Francis and Roland Prout. The two brothers spent their youth learning the ropes of design and boat-building within the families’ business, building folding canoes and dinghies. The brothers even raced canoes in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics! Before the Prout Cruising Classes were built, the brothers designed smaller day sailing boats and also the infamous Shearwater class, under the families business. The Brothers domination of the catamaran cruising world began in 1975, when their company, “Prout Catamarans” was founded. From 1975 to when they shut their doors in 2002, Prout Catamarans manufactured close to 4,300 boats; 658 of which were the Escale 39 Series. From looking at […]