Catamaran Inactive -- Leopard 47 (Florida)

Inactive: Price Not Disclosed Location: Ft Pierce (Florida)
S/V Plan B was a Ft Pierce based 2004 Leopard 47 catamaran for sale.
The Owner has withdrawn this catamaran from the market.

S/V Plan B is a 2004 Leopard 47 Charter Version (4 cabin) catamaran, for sale by owner.

The Leopard 47 is one of the all time classics in the catamaran world. Over 150 were build and the Leopard 47 is a very capable and safe blue water cruiser. The Leopard 47 was designed and build for blue water cruising, and can easily achieve 200 mile days in the trade winds. Built in South Africa, where boats are built to withstand the often harsh conditions off-shore.

We just got back at the end of June from a 2000 + mile sail from Grenada to Florida. Before we left we did so much work upgrading, replacing and adding to this boat that was meant to be our forever home. Life happens and things change. So all the work has been done and she is ready for the next owners.

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