Catamaran Sold -- Prout Snowgoose Elite 37 (Europe)

Sold: Price Not Disclosed Location: Geertruidenberg, Netherlands (Europe)

S/V Purr is a 1989 Prout Snowgoose Elite 37 for sale by owner. The Snowgoose 37 (all iterations) was the first truly popular mass produced catamaran with more than 500 built. They make a perfect coastal cruiser or circumnavigator for an adventurous couple. This is a lot of boat for the money.

During passages,150 miles per day can be expected without pushing the boat. The Snowgoose 37, with its flexible cutter rig, balances easily and handles well under autopilot.

Prouts have probably done more circumnavigations than any other catamaran of their era. The Prout designs have proven themselves time and again as tough, reliable cruisers and if a sailor wants a cat to sail around the world, there’s a good chance he’ll probably end up in a Snowgoose.

Due to health problems we are unable to complete the world circumnavigation. Click the above link for details.

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