Catamaran Sold -- Prout Snowgoose Elite 37 (New Zealand)

Sold: Price Not Disclosed Location: Auckland (New Zealand)

S/V Villa Veritas is a 1993 Prout Snowgoose Elite 37 catamaran for sale by owner. The Snowgoose line is well known to be rugged, reliable, and blue-water capable. Don’t take my word for it; Google it, and you’ll find dozens of reviews. They will differ in detail, but all agree that it’s an excellent boat, and there’s nothing quite like it in the price range.

So having decided that you want a Snowgoose, why pick this one? The answer: because she’s in great shape and thoughtfully fitted out, by owners who know what they’re doing. We have taken her on long off-shore passages, and retrofitted nearly every system on board, so we can say with confidence that she is in great shape to keep traveling the world. We love her dearly, but our “two-year” plan is drifting towards five, and it’s time for us to pass her on. Please click on the link for more details and many photos.

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