For Sale FAQ

How do I list my catamaran for sale on this website?
How do I know if the catamaran is still available?
  • Catamaran owners pay to be listed here. If the catamaran is on the website, she is still for sale. If under contract, she will be marked as a ‘Pending Sale’. If sold, the catamaran will have been removed.
  • Note that we mark catamarans sold immediately upon be advised by the seller. If the seller does not tell us that they sold, we will not catch it until our monthly verification.
  • Please contact us and report a catamaran we have listed that has sold.
Why should I buy a catamaran which is for sale by owner?
  • Both catamaran owners and buyers save money here as no brokers fees or commissions are paid on the sale of any catamaran sold.
  • These catamarans come with lots of cruising gear. It’s important not to sell the cruising gear short, as in some cases it represents considerable value. It’s the reason why we broke out the Catamaran Inventory in each listing. People tend to focus on the purchase price and not realize how much value cruising gear add or that when purchasing any boat. The gear will have to be purchased eventually.
  • Lastly, each catamaran listed here has provided its’ owner with years of dependable service and is her pride and joy. All the owners want to find the right home for their catamaran.
What about offer forms and bill of sale forms?

We offer blank copies of the Coast Guard Bill of Sale and the standard Yacht Broker offer forms. Help yourself to copies found on our Catamaran Sales Forms Page to download them.

We also offer inexpensive contract to closing services including escrowing funds and documentation paperwork. You can inquire to us here.

The catamaran I am interested in shows as “Sale Pending”?
  • This website disables the ability to send emails to any catamaran currently under contract.
  • If the sale closes, the catamaran is then removed from the website.
  • If the sale fails to close, the ability to contact the catamaran owner is restored.
Does this website earn a commission on a catamaran sale?
  • No. Neither, nor its’ owner, are paid a commission on the sale of any of these catamarans. This website offers inexpensive ‘for sale by owner’ catamaran listing services as a courtesy to catamaran sailors world wide.
  • We do offer professional contract to closing services including escrow and documentation transfer at a low price guaranteed fixed price. Please see more details and inquire about our rates and availability here.
Is this website familiar with the catamarans listed here?
  • Every now and then there will be an exception, but as a rule … No … we have no personal knowledge of these catamarans.
How do I begin the for sale by owner process?
  1. Find a catamaran you like. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about new catamarans for sale.
  2. Use the “Contact Catamaran Owner” link found both at the top and bottom of each advertisement, and ask the owner questions about the catamaran. If you don’t receive an answer in a couple of days, please email us and let us know.
  3. If the catamaran appears to fit your requirements, arrange to do a walk through.
  4. Make an offer pending a catamaran inspection / survey / sea trail.
  5. If you are an experienced catamaran owner, do your own inspection. If not then hire someone. This is a sizeable investment, and you should consider contracting a professional if you are unable to evaluate the following systems.
  • Engine(s)
  • Bilge(s)
  • Electrical Components
  • Electronics
  • Fuel Lines & Tanks
  • Batteries & Wiring
  • Hull Delamination
  • Steering and Throttle Controls
  • Marine Refrigeration
  • Upholstery
  • Propeller
  • Propeller Shaft
  • Plumbing & Pumps
  • Deck Hardware
  • Standing Rigging, Chainplates
  • Marine Air Conditioning
  • Floors & Cabin
  • Sails
Do you have any advise for getting insurance?

We recommend you use an marine insurance broker who can search multiple underwriters and also know how to best present your information and the catamaran survey results. We have an educational article with a catamaran insurance specialist here who explains more details.

How do I contact a catamaran owner?
  • Each advertisement has a “contact owner” link at the top and at the bottom of each listing page. By clicking the link and filling out the form, your inquiry will find it’s way to the catamaran owner. Some of these owners are actually cruising with their boats right now. It may take a few days to receive a response. Please read our privacy policy to learn how buyer and seller contact information is protected.
  • Please do not send an email to a catamaran owner asking if the boat is still for sale. Every catamaran on this website is a paid listing.
  • Unless the catamaran is cruising, please do not ask where the catamaran is located as this information is in the advertisement.
  • Please do not send an email to a catamaran owner asking if the owner will accept a trade for their catamaran. Unless stated otherwise in the advertisement, every owner desires CASH.
What if the catamaran is 1/2 way around the world?
  • If you’re not prepared to fly to the catamaran location, or hire professionals to act on your behalf, move on to another catamaran closer to home.
What does “not for sale in US waters to a US resident” mean?
Will catamaran owners consider a trade in?
  • These are individuals, not boat dealers. Unless the advertisement specifically says trades are acceptable, catamaran owners want cash at closing.
Will catamaran owners give financing terms?
  • Well, if it was your boat … and it could disappear over the horizon at any time, would you offer terms? You can obtain marine financing and we have an educational article available here.
Are there broker listed catamarans on this site?
  • Broker may list their catamarans for sale on the site. In those cases, the advertisement clearly says that the catamaran is for sale by broker and the contact button will say “Contact Broker.” We also include a notification that there the sale may include broker fees.
  • If you inquire and get a response from a broker on an advertisement marked “For Sale By Owner,” please let us know. It is hard for us to monitor whether owners list their catamarans with brokers. We do our best to make sure all catamarans for sale are listed here accurately.