Payment Page

Please click on the “Buy Now” button below to make your payment. Clicking this button will connect you to the secure PayPal website which accepts all major credit cards and is completely secure.

Basic Package

  • First 3 months: $79
  • Next 3 months: $79 (This is the last payment you make)
  • Upon Renewal Payment, your boat goes back to the top of the list
  • If your catamaran has not sold by then, your advertisement runs free of charge until it does. That’s pretty straight forward, right?

Premium Add On

  • Every 3 months: +$30 (added to basic package rate)
  • Homepage rotation
  • Listing Enhancement (25% more clicks)

After payment, you will need to email us at for your account to be activated by the webmaster. After payment, you will be able to click here to login to add specifications, photos, and inventory to modify your catamaran advertisement.

We protect your privacy: Your contact information is guarded closely. When inquiries are made through your catamaran advertisement, the person making the inquiry sends a blind email directly to you with this website masking tyour email address. Owner contact and email information are private and will not be sold, or be given to any other party by

All photos, catamaran information / specifications provided to this website for the purpose of advertising a catamaran for sale enter the public domain upon the advertisement publish date, and therefore are not considered proprietary or private. This information may be used by perspective catamaran buyers in their decision making process and may be used in various areas of at our sole discretion.

Escrow and Closing Service

  • Non-refundable escrow fee: $750
  • Consultation on the initial Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Foresight into closing issues and solutions how to resolve the issues
  • Facilitation of the transfer of your deposit and closing funds into escrow
  • Estimate of documentation costs. The typical cost is $650.

Final exact documentation costs will be invoiced at closing only if ownership transfer occurs. Otherwise we return deposited funds. The documentation process includes lien searches, registry deletions, bills of sale, warranty of titles, etc. Documentation service is required with escrow as we need verification of proper paperwork to do ownership transfer before dispersement of funds.