Bahamas Navigation Lights

(Light Houses)

Light HouseTownArea / IslandDurationVisibleRange
Bird Rock LighthouseCrooked IslandNorthern entrance to Crooked Island PassageTwo white flashes every 15 seconds.18.5miles
Castle Island LighthouseAcklin IslandSoutheastern entrance to Crooked Island PassageTwo white flashes every 20 seconds.20.0miles
Cay Lobos LightCay LobosOld Bahama Channel, south fringe of the Great Bahama Bank, 30 miles from Cuba.Two white flashes every 20 seconds.21.0miles
Dixon Hill LighthouseSan SalvadorSouth West Point, San Salvador IslandTwo white flashes every 10 seconds.21.6miles
Egg Island LightSpanish WellsOff northern tip of Eleuthera, west of Royal IslandWhite flash every 3 seconds, range 12 nautical miles18.5miles
Elbow Cay LighthouseHope TownElbow Cay, west side of Hope Town HarbourFive white flashes every 15 seconds.19.1miles
Eleuthera Point LightBannerman TownSoutheastern tip of EleutheraWhite flash every 4.6 seconds.13.7miles
Government House LightNassauDowntown NassauRed flash every 3 seconds19.3miles
Great Stirrup Cay LightGreat Stirrup CayGreat Stirrup Cay, northern limits of Berry Islands.Two white flashes every 20 seconds15.8miles
Gun Cay LighthouseGun CaySouth end of the cay, in the Bimini groupOne white flash every 10 seconds15.6miles
Paradise Island LighthouseNassauEntrance to Nassau HarborFlashing either white or red visible for 13 nautical miles14.5miles
Hole in the Wall LighthouseAbacoSouthern tip of AbacoOne white flash every 10 seconds22.6miles
Great Inagua LighthouseMatthew TownGreat Inagua Island, Windward PassageTwo white flashes every 10 seconds.19.2miles
Little Harbour LightLittle HarbourEntrance to Little Harbour, Great Abaco IslandWhite flash every 4 seconds.13.7miles
North Cat Cay Breakwater LightCat CayAbout 8 miles south of Bimini, near Gun Cay.White flash every 2 seconds, visible for 5 nautical miles  5.5miles
North Palmetto Point LighN. Palmetto Point, EleutheraFour miles south of Governor’s Harbour, Island of Eleuthera.Continuous white light with a more intense flash every 5 seconds14.9miles
Pinder’s Point LightFreeportSouthwest coast of Grand BahamaThree flashes every 15 seconds, white or red depending on direction12.8miles

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