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From time to time we receive an article from one of the hundreds of loyal Catalac catamaran owners. You’ll find these articles listed below in no particular order.

Sailing 6000 Miles on a Catalac 10MSven and Sabine, found their Catalac 10M, S/V Blue Felix, sail. number 35, at the German Baltic sea in summer 2012. Aftrer refit, they sail her to the Caribbean.
Catalac 900 Atlantic CrossingJeff and Diane were kind enough to share the story of their Atlantic crossing in 2013 aboard S/V Horizons, their Catalac 900 catamaran….
Catalac 9M Atlantic CrossingAtlantic Crossing in a 40 year old Catalac 9M…. without benefit of a refit.
Catalac Catamaran ResearchDuring what turned out to be many months of reading and research, I was actually considering buying a monohull. Cruising Catamarans kept popping up in my research, and I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t even aware of these boats at the time….
Catalac Catamaran InspectionCatalac Catamaran inspection / haul out recommendations…. some things to watch for which are unique to Catalac catamarans. Surveyors should add these to their normal list of items to check.
Catalac Catamaran ProjectsCatalac Catamaran boat projects and Performance Upgrades….
Why buy a Catalac Catamaran?:Every weekend during the winter of 2004, through the spring and early summer of 2005 was spent in most of the marinas and boat storage facilities in Florida. Sure, the Admiral loved cruising catamarans, but I was determined to keep the boat purchase cost reasonable….
Women Love CatamaransCome on guys. You’ve heard the stories or God forbid, it’s happened to you. A guy brings his lady down to a marina to see that pristine monohull for sale he’s heard so much about and to go for that first test sail. It’s blowing 15-20….
Propeller Drag Under SailThis webpage has been mentioned as the best propeller drag comparison test on the internet and the only place all the propeller drag tests can be found in one place ….
Protecting your boat in a HurricaneHurricanes are the reason I only sail 11 months of the year here in sunny Florida. I sailed through one once (necessity) and didn’t like it very much.
Sailing through a hurricaneFrom out of nowhere, a hurricane named Katrina decided to take aim at south Florida on it’s way to devastating New Orleans. This hurricane formed very suddenly directly over the Bahamas, and gave almost no warning at all to eastern Florida…
Boat Hurricane DamagePhotos of boat damage caused by hurricane Wilma in 2005. This boat in the above photo is a Catalac 12M….
Memories of my Catalac 27Hak Kauffman bought his Catalac 27 in 1977 and sailed it for 20 years. In those early catamaran days, he was one of the brave pioneers who took a chance on these new styled boats.
Fuel Additives for Marine Diesel EnginesWhen the American EPA regulated sulfur out of Marine Diesel fuel in 2015, this created a problem. All diesel engines were designed to use the sulfur in diesel fuel as a fuel system lubricant. Now it’s gone….
iPad Chart plotterIt turns out that your iPad is a pretty good Chart plotter
Struck by Lightning while under wayI imagine that if you live in the lightning capital of the world, it’s unavoidable. Sooner or later the boat will be hit by lightning. However, usually it occurs when no one is on board. I should be so lucky….

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