How much is a 45 foot catamaran? 5 Great Options.

Quick answer is $300,000 to $600,000. But you could also pay as much as $1 million for a fully loaded catamaran like La Vagabonde’s brand new Outremer 45 or as little as $150,000 for a late 1990’s Prout 45 or Leopard 45. These prices are all considering you are asking about a catamaran in reasonable condition and with appropriate cruising equipment. Project catamarans could end up costing much less initially although very likely much more eventually as typically you pay a premium in sailing for the “refit experience.” The upside is a long escape working in a boatyard that allows you to escape from your wife and children if that is your goal. We do not recommend the approach and this website while offering a wide selection of catamarans prefers to advertise that are in good condition at great prices to our visitors.

Another budget aspect to consider is maintenance costs of a 45 foot catamaran. Here the typical assessment is you spend 10% of a catamaran’s value yearly to keep her in good condition at a safe mooring and with proper reserves for depreciation costs.

We answer this question here because oddly the 45 foot number is a common online search and common question we receive. The number 45 has long history in sailing as in the old days of monohull sailboats, the ideal cruiser was thought of as a 45 foot center cockpit. Technology has evolved and proved that two hulls are superior to one yet the 45 feet in length is a sensible universal constant. The reason? Certainly a 45 foot catamaran features a dramatic increase in interior volume as compared to old technology. We suspect that the 45 foot ideal length is more determined by cruising speed and comfort in a wide variety of offshore conditions as well as the size at which length is not a limitation in terms of docking or maneuvering requiring additional crew.

To further provide specifics on your options for a 45 foot catamaran please see example models below.

1. Lagoon 450

The highest volume 45 foot model in production currently. New style design with large accommodations, wide beam, and tall mainsail. Comes in flybridge and sport version with different helm configurations. This design is an evolution of the Lagoon 440. Prices range from $400,000 to $700,000 from an old charter 2011 model to a brand new owner’s version. See our Lagoon 450 specifications and a list current example for sale.

2. Leopard 45

The classic Leopard 45 was built from 1997 to 2001 and should not be confused with the new version of the model by the same name. These are affordable ex charter catamarans with old school builds. Watch out for wet balsa coring like on any 20 year old cored hull catamaran. Prices range from $200,000 to $250,000. See our Leopard 45 page for more specifications and options currently for sale.

3. Prout 45

The Prout 45 model is the oldest fashioned model on this list and least expensive coming in at $150,000 to $250,000. These feature a cutter rig with two headsails and a very aftmost main mast. This headsail powered sailplan is very unusual for catamarans options at this size range. Please see our specifications for more information and for sale page for current examples for sale.

4. Outremer 45

Made famous by Outremer’s special sale of an example to La Vagabonde stars. While at a base price it may be $700,000 when fully outfitted this boat nears $1 million USD. Performance oriented design with daggerboards and outboard helms with tillers. With the pricing and performance focus, this is a less common design.

5. Privilege 45

Lying somewhere between the classic Prout 45 and middle aged Leopard 45, this older Privilege design ranges in price from $150,000 to $250,000. These were high end charter boats in their day with a very good reputation for build quality, performance, and interior fit / finish. See our Privilege specifications and examples for sale.

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