Catalac Catamaran Performance & Maintenance

Do you own a Catalac Catamaran? If so, this page contains Builder notes and updates on all Catalac Catamaran models.  Each of these links is a FAQ which deals with specific boat issues or questions answered directly by the Lack Family or PBO editor. With a few exceptions, each contains important information on either boat performance or maintenance tips. Also, the Propeller drag test page, rigging tune and boat inspection pages offer information critical to Catalac boat owners.

Catalac Catamaran FAQs and Builder Updates
Considering a Catalac catamaran purchase? This page has a list of things to watch for unique to Catalacs. The page includes where to position lift straps for a haul out.
Catalac boat inspection
Propeller drag under sail accounts for a significant performance hit to boat speed for catamarans with diesels. Is free wheeling the props better? This page has the definitive boat tests from both sailors and MIT addressing this subject. They all arrive at the same conclusion.
Propeller Drag Tests
Catalacs received a notoriously poor reputation for windward performance due to the rudder design of older models. Mary Lack addresses the issue in a reply to a concerned customer. I’ve followed her suggestions and discovered that she was correct. I now sail at speed right up to 30 degrees apparent.
Catalac Windward Performance
Jim Andrews (Practical Boat Owner) article concerning Catalac performance rigging adjustments, sail trim and boat trim, with maintenance tips on Steering cables and rudders. He also has an in depth article on sailing a Catalac to windward.
Catalac Sail Trim and Boat Trim
John Lack’s annual FAQ with various performance and maintenance tips concerning incorrectly positioned masts, defective Stemheads, and Stern Glands.
Catalac Builder Update 1
John Lack’s ‘state of Catalac Catamarans’ letter with various performance and maintenance tips including, Yanmar gearbox problems and standing rigging failures.
Catalac Builder Update 2
John Lack’s annual FAQ with various performance and maintenance tips concerning mast raising, stemheads, Fixed Skegs and Rudders and a nice article on Gel Coat Repairs.
Catalac Builder Update 3
Catalac 8M and 9M performance rigging tuneRigging Tune
Catalac 8M and 9M mast lowering instructionsMast Lowering
Rotostay Auto Furler installation instructionsRotostay manual
Flavel Vanessa Cooker (stove) manual & operating instructionsFlavel Vanessa Cooker

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