“S/V Dora’s Dream” – Admiral 40 For Sale By Owner Interview

Today we have a special interview with Sean of S/V Dora’s Dream who is selling his Admiral 40 on CatamaranSite.com and agreed to talk about the benefits of the model.

Sean discusses the strengths of the Admiral 40 model, why he choose to purchase it, and what a buyer and new owner would need to update on Dora’s Dream. Please click on the for sale by owner link above for more information and to inquire to Sean directly.

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S/V Dora’s Dream Owner Background

  • Sean and his wife live in Cozumel
  • Traveled all over for about a year to 18 months looking for a boat
  • Bought in Bocas del Toro in northern Panama 14 months ago
  • Chose Admiral 40 because of sleek style that stands out from the predominant Caribbean charter catamarans
  • Plans to go and buy another Admiral in five or six years time
  • Selling now because of Covid and business responsibilities
  • Believes safety is the number one concern that everybody should be looking at especially when you are new to purchasing catamarans

Strengths of the Admiral 40

  • The interior brilliant for two people and three dogs
  • Liked the most the owner’s suite on the starboard side with large bathroom and king sized beds
  • Open concept layout so both sides are open and you can look down into either the owner’s suite or the other side the port side to guest rooms
  • Open concept brings in a lot of light while you’re in in the galley or and in the state rooms
  • Shallow draft is also a huge benefit over monohull sailing especially in Central America
  • Handled a very rough passage with three to four meter waves relatively comfortably
  • Sean came from monohull background and found after a while maneuverability is so much easier on catamaran
  • Did not feel like he compromised sailing performance going from monohull to catamaran with this Admiral design
  • Day sail in seven to eight knot winds Admiral 40 will sail five to six knots at beam reach

Things He Would Change About the Admiral 40

  • Change the salon table because it is too big
  • Turn the guest bedroom forward on the port side into an office or even a sewing room

Why Should Someone Buy S/V Dora’s Dream?

If you just want something different if you want something that actually sails if you want a catamaran in impeccable shape, this is a fantastic home that happens to be an excellent sailing vessel.

We looked at 27 boats before and this is the one that we chose simply based on those characteristics. It’s safe; it can sail; and it is truly is somebody’s home with an open concept and large kitchen.

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