Marstrom Seacart 30 (California)

Asking: $140,000 (USD)
S/V Hammer is a Oakland, CA, US based 2005 Oceanlake Marine AB Seacart 30 Catamaran For Sale By Broker
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Are you an R2AK Fan? Do you want to pull $10k from a tree in Ketchikan next race? As I write this, the carbon fiber, custom Cochrane-designed, trimaran Dragon (Team Mololo) is tacking past Comox, BC and her nearest competition is a Schock 40 monohull closely trailed by 3 Farrier trimarans all the way back abreast of Lasqueti Island. Dragon is way out front! To be competitive in the R2AK you have to be fast and to be really fast you have to be carbon.

But you don’t have to break the bank to be fast!…

Manta 46 Custom (California)

Price Reduced! $240,000 (USD)
S/V Ruatahi is a Newport Beach, CA based 1999 Manta 46 Custom Catamaran For Sale by Owner
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S/V Ruatahi started life as a 1999 Manta 40 and is now a Manta 46 catamaran for sale by owner.

Seize the moment with this exclusive offer to own an impeccably upgraded boat at an unparalleled price! Rethought by renowned Naval Architects with expertise in Gunboat yachts, this vessel is now on the market with an irresistible deal that demands your attention.

Experience a transformative upgrade, featuring extended sterns and rudders for enhanced performance and increased load capacity. Modified by Dencho Marine in Marina Del Ray, it guarantees top-tier quality. Boasting “kiwi props,” an extended rig, and other modifications, this sailing dream is now a reality.…

Stealth 11.8 (California)

Price Reduced! $325,000 (USD)
Duty Paid
S/V Hurricane is a San Diego, CA based 2012 Stealth 11.8 Catamaran For Sale by Owner

S/V Hurricane is a 2012 Stealth 11.8 catamaran, for sale by owner. Please note that we are also listed with the broker Nils Erickson.

Hurricane is a rare West Coast lightweight racer-cruiser in excellent condition and well sorted and optimized. Ready to race or cruise immediately. 

Designer Alan Carwardine, of Asia Catamaran, has always focused his designs on fast but comfortable boats. 

His current range of sailing catamarans, the STEALTH series, is no exception with stylish lines, large open living areas and easy access to side decks and foredeck.

The undercover cockpit with minimal areas open to direct sunlight cleverly maximizes air flow like no other design of its kind.…

Gemini 105M (California)

Asking: $67,000 (USD)
Tiger Lily is a Long Beach, California based 2000 Gemini 105M Catamaran For Sale By Broker
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First introduced on the original Gemini 105M, the hull shape of the 105M is still revolutionary in the multihull industry. The hulls of the Gemini 105M are shallow and shaped much like a “teardrop” which requires little force to move the 105M through the water yet it also provides a high load carrying capacity.  

The Gemini 105 was designed to be affordable, compact, relatively easy vessels for sailors new to catamarans.