Close Your Catamaran Fast (And Safely)!

So you have an agreement for your catamaran!  But maybe you are uncertain how to handle contract, escrow, and closing. You have gotten this far yourself.  Get expensive agents involved now?  Hell no.  Since 2009, CatamaranSite has delivered superb marketing at a tremendous price.  We are a trusted partner.  And we offer a continuum of service all the way to one of the happiest days of your life – the closing date.

It seems simple to do purchase and sale paperwork and use any old escrow service.  But are you ready for all the complexities of closing?  Here are some things you may not know about.

  • Government customs agencies can take away your catamaran if you have not complied with all customs rules.  Or at least put you at risk of significant unexpected costs.
  • Tax rules vary from country to state to even county level.  Not complying with tax rules can expose you to significant costs and legal liabilities.  Also using our service can allow you to obtain tax exemptions and save you money.  Our service may end up being essentially free via these savings.
  • Certain that there are no liens?  Many sellers and buyers find unexpected liens due to historical bank filing errors that induce tremendous anxiety in the transaction and can even blow up your sale for no good reason.  Our experts can help you prove a catamaran is free and clear smoothing over any final anxieties of the sale.
  • Ownership paperwork can involve unexpected foreign registration or business entity fees. We can help you foresee and set expectations about those costs before they become a friction point.

Our contracts, escrow, and closing team has the full set of tools to make your catamaran transaction go smoothly including:

  • Licensed with the Florida Department of Professional and Business Regulation
  • Registered with the Florida Department of Revenue for tax payments and exemptions
  • Commercially bonded with Old Republic Surety
  • Insured with a maritime specific liability policy
  • Registered escrow account with a major US bank

Our closing team has done thousands of marine transactions over the last 30 years. We can guide you through the proper transactional paperwork, ensure the safety of funds, coordinate the survey process, and file proper documentation paperwork no matter the complexity of your registration requirements. We will recommend the best closing solution at the guaranteed best price customized for your catamaran transaction. 1 2

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  1. The total cost varies based on your desired service level and transaction details. The typical upfront price is $515 payable via this link by the buyer. This covers the cost of contract and escrow services. We require that you use this purchase and sale agreement. At closing, the typical price is $1,000 paid by the buyer for closing documents and marine documentation services including lien search and title transfer. If the sale does not go through, escrow funds deposited are fully refunded. We offer a price match guarantee and are confident you will not beat our pricing. ↩︎
  2. We have a partnership agreement with First Approval Source for marine financing, but many marine finance agencies will require you to use their in-house services. We can do escrow only service if the finance company requires you to use their in-house title company. This rate is again backed by our low price guarantee. ↩︎