Women Love Catamarans

Women want to feel safe and secure When the decision is made to begin the search for the perfect boat, every one of us sits down and┬ámakes a list of the boat features and benefits that are important to us. When I did it, my check list of desired features lead me directly to cruising catamarans like the catamarans for sale by owner on this website. With their shallow draft, they were matching up to my sailing area better than a monohull and the research showed that Cruising Catamarans have a much brighter interior, (not a cave). They also tend to be the social hub whereever you are, as catamaran cockpits simply hold more people comfortably than a monohull. It’s not hard to see that catamaran galley and salon areas were made for entertaining. From the sailing aspect, catamarans are much better at anchor han a mono (no rolling), and […]

Catalac Catamaran inspection / haul out recommendations

When considering a Catalac catamaran purchase, one should always hire a boat surveyor. The list below are some things to watch for which are unique to Catalac catamarans. Surveyors should add these to their normal list of items to check. Basic Catalac Construction Catalac catamarans have: Solid fiberglass hulls End grain balsa cored decks Safety glass. No plastic windows Solid fiberglass cabin tops with 8cm end grain balsa sandwich “battens” for extra strength at hardware mounting points. These battens run fore / aft. Cable / Quadrant steering system Steel chainplates mounted inside the cabin on forward bulkhead. All cabintop hardware mounting points are reenforced with end grain balsa layers. Hauling out a Catalac Catamaran Catalac catamarans have two bulkheads, which hold the boat together. One separates the front berth from the salon and the rear bulkhead where the cockpit door is hung. Slings should be positioned as close to these […]