Tips on How to Sell Your Catamaran For Sale By Owner

Diane interviews a couple brokers, Melanie / Marcy of Sunshine Cruising, for tips and tricks on how to best sell without a broker and also common pitfalls that lead you to listing with a broker for help. They discuss market conditions since Covid and how the market has changed recently. They talk about quasi-broker deals where the costs are less, but you get the fiduciary and legal security of the brokerage. We were hesistant about interviewing yacht brokers as this website is an advocate of the FSBO approach, but Melanie and Marcy provide excellent, helpful information. Sunshine Cruising has a catamaran specific program and is headquartered in St Augustine, Florida, USA. Website: Sunshine Cruising Cats Transcript Welcome to another CatamaranSite interview. This time, I’m with Melanie and Marcy, and they are going to talk to us. They’re from Sunshine Cruising, and we’re going to talk about brokers, which is a […]

Catamaran Importation Explained by Custom Broker Jay Reynolds

Today we have Jay Reynolds of JP Reynolds who talks about the basics of importation for your catamaran. If you considering buying one of the catamarans listed in the Caribbean on our website and sailing back to the USA or if you are selling a catamaran in the USA that you purchased in foreign waters, then this Q&A with Jay will give you an idea of the complexities of those details. If you are unsure whether importation is a concern, the best decision is always to contact a Customs Broker like Jay and get a quick opinion of if you should be concerned and what the key variables for your decision are. His details are below. Jay Reynolds 954-522-3763 Executive Summary All catamarans purchased in foreign waters and then US registered are dutiable on arrival. Foreign flagged vessels are not dutiable if they are only used for pleasure.  They […]

What are the best practices for escrowing funds when selling for sale by owner?

Please note that since publishing this article CatamaranSite has started offering a high quality contract to closing service at the lowest price in the industy. Please see more at this link and read more below about all options. One of the most uncomfortable aspects for a buyer and seller in a for sale by owner catamaran transaction is the escrowing of funds. We see that purchase and sale paperwork is formalized and examples are available online. Closing paperwork is easily handled by a marine documentation agent for a reasonable fee. But escrow services has more complicated options, costs, and risks involved. In a for sale by owner situation, escrowing can take many forms. A buyer may not provide a deposit which then exposes the seller to costs incurred in the case the buyer disappears without paying the haul out, survey, or any other costs as agreed upon. A second dangerous […]

Top 10 Common Mistakes When Selling Your Catamaran FSBO

After a decade of watching sellers and their success on selling catamarans themselves, we now often provide advice to sellers on how to best market their catamarans for sale by owner. We see our success of our boutique FSBO services directly linked to our reputation of quickly and smoothly selling catamarans. Please see our listing page for information on how to sign up for our service and advertise on this website. 1. Price: Obviously a primary determinant of your success in selling your catamaran is picking a proper price. And all boats especially cruising catamarans are prone to what behavior psychologists called the “endowment bias.” Essentially humans are wired to value more what items that they own that have significant memories associated with them than the market does. It is very hard to justify a premium versus comparable catamarans even when your boat deserves it. We can help by providing […]

Why You Should Sell Your Catamaran For Sale By Owner

When a new salesperson starts in catamaran sales, often they start their journey to building a clientele by contacting for sale by owner sellers and trying to convince them into listing their catamaran on a brokerage basis. The process involves searching online for sellers on FSBO sites like this one and cold calling owners. In an ever more sophisticated internet world, this article questions the viability of brokering as a value additive for do it yourself sellers. Can these salespeople really offer something more than you can achieve on your own? We doubt it and argue the real vulnerability of a seller is a lack of patience and confidence in the FSBO process. Further this article seeks to educate you and provide you additional confidence in your ability to sell FSBO especially with the service and support of the webmasters here at Why Brokers No Longer Offer Non-Exclusive Listing […]